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Part 12 uPVC Window Installation Guide

This article is part of a uPVC window installation guide pdf. This part is about the uPVC window manual. From here you will know how to install uPVC windows and more uPVC window fixing details.

The uPVC window installation normally after the building wall wet work and harden.

If need uPVC windows and doors installation before wet work, we must take protective measures.

The hole which installs the windows should be vertical and horizontal.

The uPVC windows installation temperature should higher than 5℃.

Below is the hole size tolerance in our uPVC door installation guide for your reference.

Installation Holes Size

1. Pre-construction preparation - upvc window manual pdf

In this upvc window manual pdf, as a good uPVC window installer, we need do some preparation before uPVC window installation.

Firstly, Prepare window doors accessories, uPVC window fitting tools.

Secondly, After uPVC windows and doors reach the construction sites, put them in a reasonable place.

It should not directly touch the ground. Put some pad under them.

And it should be vertical and the angle ≥70°. And take some anti-dump measures also.

Thirdly, Storage temperature should be less than 50℃.

The distance between the win-door and heat source should more than 1m.

when storage under 0℃., we should put them 24h indoors before installation.

Moreover, Before installer upvc windows, mark the installation requirements.

2. how to make uPVC window fixing on the wall? - upvc window manual pdf

In this upvc window manual pdf, normally there has two ways for uPVC window fixing. One is stator fixing and the other is explosion screw fixing.

>>> Stator fixing

Fixed one side in the frame and the other side in the wall.

And different wall needs different fixing methods. Be low is two type upvc window fixing details.

For concrete wall or concrete lintel, use nail fixes the stator.

On the glued logs of the aerated concrete wall, use wooden bolts to fix.

Please check below picture for your reference.

upvc window manual pdf

Selecting and using stator should follow some items below:

Firstly, It should be surface smoothly. Should not have crack, burr and mechanical damage.

Secondly, The coating should uniform. Should not have defects such as bubbles, wave, and grinning.

Thirdly, The thickness of the stator should less than 1.5mm. the width should more than 20mm.

Moreover, The stator installation hole diameter is 5mm.

>>> Explosion screw fixing

Install uPVC windows frame directly in the wall or ground by explosion screw.

Please also check the below picture about the uPVC windows installation screw fix.

explosion screw

When using explosion screw, the hole must do some anti-water process. Avoid rain water though the down frame goes inside the cavity which have reinforcement steel.

If so, it may be got rusted. Normally for the down frame not use explosion screw.

>>>The stator and explosion screw position

In this upvc window manual pdf, during the uPVC window installation, for stator using bit which diameter Φ2mm to make the hole. Screw dimension M4x20.

The distance from the corner, mullion to the stator and explosion screw should within 150-200mm.

The distance between each stator or explosion should ≤600mm.

Stator Position

3. window positioning and fixing - upvc window manual pdf

In this upvc window manual pdf, when uPVC window installers install uPVC windows in the wall hole, the window and wall hole midcourt line should also align.

The window up-down frame and mullion symmetric position should use a wooden pad to fix. And this will position and fix the window temporarily.

Then adjust the perpendicularity, levelness and squareness. Make them in the tolerance range.

Installation Tolerance Range

When fixing uPVC windows, normally fix up frame firstly, and then the two sides frame.

If have the pre-buried iron in the wall, please adopt welding method to fix. And the welding part should do anti-corrosion treatment. It could also adopt the nail fixed.

pre buried iron

4. combination window installation - upvc window manual pdf

In the upvc window manual pdf, we should notice somethings as below:

Installation order

For the long windows which combined by several small windows, it should from one side to the other side install.

The high windows which combined by several small windows should from the bottom to the up install.

connection profile

It should use the reinforcement connection profile. And bury the reinforcement steel inside the wall.

This will increase the anti-wind pressure intensity.

For example

connection profile install

In this upvc window manual pdf, after uPVC installation, the gap between window and wall hole should fill the PU foam.

During filling, please remove the package. This will keep the good combination of the windows and filling material.

Please do not blockage the drainage holes.

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