uPVC Window Production Guide

Part 7 Sealing Strip Installation

This is a uPVC window production guide part 7. This part mainly introduces sealing strip installation. From this part, you will also learn how to install the strip in the uPVC window door frame and sash.

To ensure the good sealing performance of uPVC windows and doors, it is also necessary to install sealing strips.

uPVC window seals include sealing rubber strip and sealing wool strip. Sealing rubber strip includes frame and sash sealing rubber strip, and also glass sealing rubber strip.

The sealing wool strip mainly used on the sliding window and door.

When selecting the sealing strip, please also notice the section shape, size, and material.

It must also meet the standard requirement. The performance is reliable, and the installation is convenient.

1. Sealing rubber strip

1) glass sealing rubber strip

we call this rubber strip as K shape sealing rubber strip.

It is mainly used on the glazing bead to hold the glass. Please check below picture.

Rubber Strip

2) frame and sash sealing rubber strip

we call this rubber strip O shape sealing rubber strip.

It is mainly used on the frame and sash fit-gap.

Normally the fit-gap between frame and sash is 3-5mm.

So, when we choose the uPVC windows gasket, we must notice the dimension. But not lots of profile have the co-extruded rubber. There is not have the specially limited for this.

Casement Gasket
60 Series Upvc Window Profiles

3) Rubber strip installation attention

  • Firstly, each frame, the sealing rubber strip ends should at the middle of up border frame. Every corner, the rubber strip should cut a gap, and make the strip smooth at the 90-degree corner. And the gap should not be cut through.
Rubber Strip Installation Explain
  • Secondly, during installation, the rubber strip starts from the upper frame, use roller push the strip into the relevant groove.
  • At the ends, we should keep some margin to avoid the rubber strip shrinking.
  • After installation, the rubber strip should not out of the groove.
    In the same component, we could also not install more than one-piece rubber strip.

2. Sealing wool strip

1) how to choose wool strip

  • Firstly, the wool should be uniform, dense, straight and cutting flat. We must avoid the lack wool and uneven phenomenon.
  • Secondly, the bottom plate should straight and smooth without cracks, bubbles, and weak adhesion.
  • Thirdly, oil or dirty is not allowed.
  • Moreover, the wool has passed silicification processing. This will reduce the sliding friction force. At the same time, this will improve the hydrophobicity and water-resistance.
  • Additionally, the wool should be treated with UV protection to extend life.
  • Lately, according to the groove and fit clearance to choose the wool strip.
Wool Strip Sliding

2) the function of wool strip

Sealing wool strip mainly used for sliding window and door. Normally install in the sliding sash.

Meanwhile, the other application for sealing wool strip:

  • Spring door
  • Screen sash
upvc window production guide

3) Installation attention

  • Firstly, wool strip dimension should not too big. If so, the installation is difficulty and sliding is not flexible.
  • Secondly, after the installation, the wool strip should not off the groove.
  • Thirdly, some components could not install more than one piece, similar as the above sealing rubber.

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