What is a Thermal Break Aluminum Windows And Doors?

In the realm of modern architecture and sustainable building practices, the evolution of materials and technology plays a pivotal role.

Among the many advancements, aluminium thermal break system windows and doors have emerged as a game-changer, offering unparalleled benefits in terms of energy efficiency, aesthetics, and durability.

This article delves into the significance, construction, advantages, and applications of thermal break aluminum windows and doors, highlighting their transformative impact on contemporary construction practices. 

So it is better to get some knowledge about this type windows.

The aluminum thermal break windows and doors are made of thermal break aluminum profiles and hollow glass. 

This type of thermal break aluminum windows and doors also have functions of energy-saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dust prevention, waterproofing.

1. what is a thermal break aluminum profiles?

Aluminum, known for its strength and versatility, has long been favored in construction for windows and doors due to its lightweight nature and structural integrity.

However, aluminum’s conductive properties historically posed a challenge in terms of thermal insulation.

This drawback led to significant heat loss or gain through windows and doors, impacting both energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

To mitigate this issue, thermal break technology was developed.

A thermal break refers to a material of low thermal conductivity that is incorporated between the interior and exterior layers of aluminum frames.

This effectively reduces the transfer of heat or cold through the frame, enhancing insulation properties.

Typically, materials like polyamide (a type of plastic) or specially formulated resins are used as thermal breaks due to their excellent insulative properties.

Thermal break aluminum profiles use the aluminum profiles and also thermoplastic mixed material strip to combine.

Firstly, make the normal aluminum profiles.

Secondly, use the knurling machine, and strip rolling pressing machine to make the aluminum profiles and plastic material combine together.

Thermal break aluminum profiles solve the fatal problem of aluminum profiles which rapid heat dissipation and not energy-saving.

There are three parts left and the right side is the aluminum, and the middle side the plastic material. Please check the below picture.

Thermal Break Aluminum Profiles
Thermal Break Aluminum Profiles

2. Construction and Design Features

The construction of thermal break aluminum windows and doors involves sandwiching the thermal break material between the interior and exterior aluminum profiles.

This creates a barrier that significantly reduces the flow of thermal energy.

The design also includes advanced sealing techniques to prevent air leakage, further enhancing energy efficiency.

From a design perspective, thermal break systems offer flexibility in profile shapes and sizes, allowing for expansive glass areas and slim sightlines that enhance natural light ingress and aesthetic appeal.

This flexibility makes them suitable for various architectural styles, from modern minimalist designs to industrial chic.

Thermal Break Aluminum Profiles
Thermal Break Aluminum Profiles

3. what is the advantages of the aluminum thermal break windows and doors?

We use the aluminum thermal break window door profile to make the windows and doors. 

And we call this type of window door a thermal break windows and door. 

Therefore, thermal break windows and doors have many advantages as follows:

1) Reduced heat transfer.

The thermal break profiles’ thermal conductivity is 1.8 ~ 3.5W / ㎡ · k. And this is much lower than ordinary aluminum profiles. 

At the same time, we use the insulating glass. This will effectively reduce the heat transmitted through doors and windows.

2) Prevent condensation

The temperature of the inner surface of the profile with the heat insulation strip is close to the indoor temperature. 

In this way, this will reduce the possibility of the indoor moisture condensing on the profile surface due to supersaturation.

3) Energy saving

The primary advantage of thermal break aluminum windows and doors is their superior thermal performance.

By minimizing heat transfer, these systems contribute to reduced heating and cooling costs throughout the year, enhancing energy efficiency in buildings.

In winter, the window frame with heat insulation strip can reduce 1/3 of the heat lost through the window frame.

In summer, if there is air conditioning, the window frame with heat insulation strip can also be more reduce energy loss.

4) Environmental protection

Through the application of thermal insulation systems, energy consumption can be reduced. 

At same time, it will reduce the environmental radiation due to air conditioning and indoor heating system.

Improved insulation means better temperature regulation indoors, reducing drafts and cold spots near windows and doors.

This contributes to a more comfortable living or working environment year-round.

5) Reduce noise

We could use different hollow glass structures with different thicknesses, and different structure of aluminum profiles. 

This can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, prevent sound transmission, and reduce noise by more than 30dB.

6) Various colors

For the thermal break profiles, we have many choices for the surface colors. 

And the color is available and also the wooden color. This is very convenient to match our homes and buildings.

4. Applications in Contemporary Architecture

Thermal break aluminum windows and doors are widely used in both residential and commercial construction projects.

In residential buildings, they are favored for their ability to create expansive glazed areas without compromising energy efficiency.

They are equally valued in commercial applications, where large-scale windows and doors are essential for showcasing products or enhancing natural lighting in office spaces.

Moreover, these systems are integral to achieving green building certifications such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), and others that prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability.

5. Main classification

  • Firstly, according to the opening method
    The fixed window, upper hanging window, middle hanging window, lower hanging window, vertical swing window, casement window door, sliding window door, casement lower hanging window door, folding doors, floor spring doors, lifting sliding doors, sliding folding doors, and so on.
  • Secondly, according to performance
    it can be divided into ordinary windows and doors, sound insulation windows and doors, and insulation windows and doors.
  • Thirdly, according to the series model
    50 series, 55 series, 60 series, 65 series, 70 series, etc.

1) thermal break aluminum windows - Casement window

There are some advantages of thermal break aluminum windows, such as a large opening area, good ventilation, good sealing, excellent sound insulation, heat preservation, and impermeability. 

The inside-opening thermal break window detail cleaning is convenient. And the outside-opening does not take up space when opened.

thermal break aluminum windows and doors
thermal break aluminum windows casement type
aluminum thermal break window detail

The disadvantage is that the window is small and the field of vision is not wide. 

The outside opening window also takes up some space outside the wall, and it is also easy to be damaged when the wind is strong.

The inside window takes up some space in the room, and it is also not convenient to use the screen window. 

It is also inconvenient to use curtains when opening the window. If the quality is not enough, it may seep rain.

2) thermal break aluminium windows - sliding window

The advantages of aluminum thermal break sliding doors windows are simple and beautiful, large window width, large glass block, wide field of vision, high daylighting rate, convenient glass cleaning, flexible use, safe and reliable, long service life, opening in a plane, less space occupation and convenient installation of screens, and so on.

thermal break aluminum windows and doors sliding type
thermal break aluminum sliding windows and doors

The disadvantage of thermal aluminium windows is that two windows cannot be opened at the same time, and can also only be opened at the most half, the ventilation is relatively poor.

Sometimes the sealing is also slightly poor. Sliding windows: There are two types of sliding windows: left, right, and up and down.

3) thermal break aluminum windows - up hanging window

It is a new form developed on the basis of casement windows. 

There also have two ways to open the window. One is casement opening. The other is opening from top. 

When the casement window is closed, a gap of about ten centimeters can be opened by pulling the upper part of the window inward. 

That is to say the window can be opened a little from above. 

The opened part is suspended in the air, and is fixed to the window frame by a hinge.

Bottom suspension window

There have some advantages. It can not only be ventilated but also ensure safety. 

Because of the hinge, the window can only open a ten-centimeter seam, and it can’t reach from the outside.

4) aluminum thermal break doors - casement door

The casement door of aluminum thermal break doors normally has two types. 

One is a single door sash, and the other has two door sash. 

The casement door also has two opening ways one-way opening and two-way opening. 

The one-way opening can only open in one direction (only push in or pull out). 

The two-way opening means that the door sash can open in two directions (such as spring doors).

aluminum thermal break doors
thermal break aluminum window manufacturers

5) thermal break aluminium doors - sliding door

At early time, we always use the sliding doors for our bedroom or locker room.

Bbut with the development of technology and the diversification of decoration ways, from the traditional plate surface to glass, fabric, rattan, aluminum alloy profiles, from sliding doors, folding doors to partition doors.

The function and use range of sliding doors are expanding. 

In this case, the use of sliding doors began to become diverse and rich. In addition to the most common partition doors, sliding doors are widely used in bookcases, wall cabinets, living rooms, exhibition halls, sliding doors, etc.

aluminum sliding door
aluminum sliding door

6. Considerations and Future Trends

While thermal break aluminum systems offer numerous advantages, their effectiveness relies on proper installation and integration within the building envelope.

Attention to detail during installation ensures optimal performance and longevity.

Looking ahead, innovations in materials and manufacturing processes continue to refine thermal break technology.

Future trends may include advancements in thermal break materials, such as aerogels or vacuum-insulated panels, further pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency in building envelopes.


In conclusion, thermal break aluminum windows and doors represent a significant advancement in modern construction practices, offering a blend of functionality, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Their ability to enhance thermal insulation while maintaining structural integrity makes them indispensable in sustainable architecture.

As the demand for energy-efficient buildings grows, these systems will continue to play a crucial role in shaping the future of building design and construction, setting new standards for comfort, sustainability, and performance in the built environment.

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