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Top 5 Useful Hand Tools (2020)

This is the top 5 useful hand tools to uPVC window portable machine in 2020

In this comprehensive article you’ll learn:

  • What is the top 5 uPVC window portable machine?
  • What is their function?
  • How do you manufacture uPVC frames and windows by these uPVC portable machines?
    Lots more

So if you want to know how to start very simple uPVC window factory or small shop, you’ll love this article.

Let’s get started.


Chapter 1

what is the uPVC window portable machine?​

uPVC window portable machine is one type uPVC window door machine.

These uPVC portable machine are hand tools which are simple operated by manual.

These upvc window making portable machine is also consisted of several different uPVC window machines.

Here are top 5 frequently used useful portable uPVC window making machine hand tools:

These portable tools are very simple. Easy to operate. Not required so much technical maintenance.

Their cost is very low. And almost don’t need any big areas. 

So it is very easy to start a uPVC window factory or shop. 

If you have the limit budget and limit area, but you want to start your own career. These uPVC portable machines are your best choice.

Let’s start to say how these portable machines to make uPVC windows and doors

Chapter 2

10 Inch Portable Miter Saw

Firstly, we should cut the uPVC profiles.

For casement windows, we normally use the 60 series uPVC profiles.

For sliding windows, we usally use the 80 sliding series uPVC profiles and 88 sliding series uPVC profiles.

And we normally cut 90-degree and 45-degree angle to assemble the frames.

So here i suggest use the 10 Inch Portable Miter Saw.   

why use this portable miter saw

Firstly, it could cut Max. height 90mm. and Max width 140mm.

Above I have mentioned 60 series, 80 series, 88 series uPVC profiles. This portable cutting machine could cover all the ranges.

Secondly, for the angle, it could cut from -45 degree to +45 degree. Any angles between them.

Thirdly, manually control. Easy to operate and maintenance. 

Chapter 3

Portable Water Slot Machine

Upvc windows and doors should have good performance for the water tightness.

This is to say that we must make drainage to let the water go outside. Meanwhile, we must make a pressure balance hole on the frame to make sure water goes outside smoothly.

1. which kind of holes should we make?

Normally we should according to some parameters to make the holes.

The size of the drainage hole and pressure balance hole please check the below information.

The dimension ΦX L (4-5) mm X 30mm

drainage holes

2. which kind of uPVC machines we use?

Normally we use the water slot machine. But here we use the portable water slot machine.

Normally there have three types:
0-degree type
45-degree type
and 90-degree type.

Portable Water Slot Machine 90 Degree

Left is the 0-degree portable water slot machine. 

It mainly used to make the slot in outside surface. Sometime up-side and sometime bottom-side.

Please check the below pictures.

Two Head Water Slot Milling Machine
3 Axis Water Slot Machine Drill

Above picture, for the outside in the first and second picture, up and bottom in the second picture, we could use the 0-degree to finish the job.

Right side is the 45-degree portable water slot machine. 

It mainly used to make 45-degree water slot inside the uPVC profile.

Please check the above pictures.

Portable Water Slot Machine 45 Degree

The last one is the 90-degree type.

It mainly used for the sliding frame profile. The guide track in the middle of the profiles.

Please check the below pictures.

Portable Water Slot Machine 90 Degree
Portable Water Slot Machine 90 Degree
upvc window Water Slot

Inside drainage hole and outside drainage hole should have some distances. Please check the below picture.

drainage holes location

We offen use a drainage cap to cover the slot as decoration.

Water Slot Cap

About more details for the water slot making, please check our article: 

Drilling Drainage Holes and Pressure Balance Holes

Chapter 4

Portable uPVC Corner Welding Machine

Portable uPVC Corner Welding Machine is mainly used for the frame welding.

This portable tools has four type.

Left side welding, right side welding, mullion welding, and mullion & side combine welding.

Portable Upvc Corner Welding Machine Side

The left picture is one of side portable corner welding machine.

This corner welding hand tools is mainly used for 90-degree corner welding.

The right portable corner welding machine is mainly for the mullion welding. V corner welding.

upvc profile v cutting
Portable Upvc Corner Welding Machine Mullion

The last portable corner welding machine is used for the mullion and corner welding both.

Portable Upvc Corner Welding Machine Mullion Side
Chapter 5

Portable uPVC Corner Cleaning Machine

Portable uPVC Corner Welding Machine is mainly used for the corner cleaning.

This uPVC window making portable machine tools has three types.

One for the up-bottom surface, one for inside frame corner, and the last one for the outside frame corner.

Portable Upvc Corner Cleaning Machine Surface
Portable Upvc Corner Cleaning Machine Surface

Below is how to use the portable tools.

portable corner cleaning tools inside
Chapter 6

Portable Interlock Milling Machine

Portable Interlock Milling Machine is mainly used for the interlock slot punching.

This portable uPVC window making machine tools has two types.

One for 80 sliding series, and one for 88 sliding series.

Normally these 5 uPVC portable machines are frequently used uPVC window making portable machine.

And above is all the content for uPVC window portable machine. 

If you want to know more about how to make the uPVC windows and doors, Please check our guide below:

uPVC Window Making in 2020: The Definitive Guide

If you want to know more about the uPVC windows manufacturing project report or business plan, please check

uPVC Window Door Machine: The Definitive Project Proposal (2020)

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