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This is an article a guide about uPVC window profiles.

From this article you will learn:

  1. What is the uPVC window profile?
  2. What are uPVC window profile types?
  3. What are the advantages of the uPVC window profile comparison?
  4. Which is the best uPVC window profiles?

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1. what is the uPVC profile?

Casement Series Frame
Sliding Series Frame
Upvc Window Film Profiles 1
Upvc Window Film Profiles

uPVC profiles use the uPVC resin material as the main material. Adding some stabilizers, colorants, fillers, UV absorbers, etc.

All these raw materials are mixed. Then through the uPVC profile extrusion machine to make different types of shaped uPVC profile.

The uPVC profiles which we used to make the uPVC windows, we called uPVC window profiles.

These uPVC Window profiles through relative uPVC window door machine cutting, welding, or screwing make window door frames.

After that, we equip some hardware accessories to make a uPVC window and door.

White Upvc Casement Window
Wooden Upvc Sliding Window
We have made a guide. It will teach you how to make the uPVC windows and doors. It almost includes everything. Please check this uPVC Window Making: The Definitive Guide.

2. what are uPVC window profile types?

According to the uPVC window profile sizes and usage, we could category the uPVC window profiles,.

The uPVC profile name list as below:

60 Series uPVC Window Profiles

80 Series uPVC Sliding Profiles

88 Series uPVC Sliding Profiles

92 Series uPVC Profiles

uPVC Coupling Profiles

Above normally are uPVC window profile types and upvc window profile names.

The numbers above is the width of the uPVC window profile sizes.

Which one is the best uPVC window profiles? It depends on the windows you make.

Upvc Casement Window Hinge
uPVC window making machine - Upvc Sliding Window Four Case

3. What is the advantages of the uPVC window profile comparison?

uPVC window profile comparison with other profiles have the same advantages as below:

  • Warm preservation and energy saving​
  • Good physical property
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good weatherability
  • Fire resistance
  • Good insulation property
  • Good airtightness
  • Good Sound insulation performance

4. Which is the best uPVC window profiles?

To find the best uPVC profile is to find good uPVC window profile manufacturers.

A good uPVC window profile manufacturers could help you make your business better.

Moxisys as a global uPVC profile manufacturers could supply the best quality uPVC window profiles at a lower price. And the same price with better quality.

The price for the uPVC profile is very different due to the quality. The uPVC profiles looked very similar but we could not see the raw material inside. And this will make the price different.

Lower price uPVC window profile types use the recycle profile to make.

Higher price uPVC window profile types use the new material to make.

Some with the high Ca lower cost. The quality could not be guaranteed.

As a good uPVC profile supplier, we could supply you the lead-free, Ca-Zn, uPVC profiles with a better factory price.

uPVC window profiles conclusion:

And above is all the content for uPVC window profiles.

If you want to know more about how to make the uPVC windows and doors, Please check our guide below:

uPVC Window Making in 2021: The Definitive Guide

If you want to know more about the uPVC windows manufacturing project report or business plan, please check

uPVC Window Door Machine: The Definitive Project Proposal (2021)

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