The Definitive Guide in 2024

This is the definitive guide to insulating glass machine.

In this comprehensive guide you’ll learn:

  • What is the insulating glass machine?
  • How to choose the insulating machine?
  • How do you manufacture insulating glass?
  • And lots more

So if you want to know how to make the insulating glass, you’ll love this guide.

Let’s get started.

1. what is the insulating glass machine?

To be honest it hard to have an exact definition. But generally speaking, it is a full name for the machines used to make insulating glass.

There are many different names as below:

  • insulating glass line
  • insulating glass production line
  • insulating glass manufacturing line
  • insulated glass manufacturing equipment
  • insulating glass equipment

2. what machines are included Insulating Glass Machine?

3. Insulating Glass Machine - flow chart and floor design

We have made two types of flow charts and floor designs for the insulating glass machine.

And these just for your reference.

Design 1: Fully automatic

Fully Automatic Insulating Glass Machine Workshop Floor Plan
Fully Automatic Insulating Glass Production Flow Chart

Design 2: Semi-automatic

Semi Auto Insulating Glass Machine Workshop Floor Plan
Semi Auto Insulating Glass Production Flow Chart

According the flow chart we will give you a explaination for the insulating glass making.

4. glass cutting

This is an important procedure in insulating glass production.

Normally we could use glass cutting machines such as CNC glass cutting linelinear glass cutting table, and some manual glass cutters.

1) According customers order design the glass cutting procedure. Optimize the glass and make the cutting procedure sheet.

2) We usally use clear float glass. And the glass thickness normally are 3-12mm.

3) During cutting glass make sure do not have any scratch on the glass surface and the precision of the glass size.

Cnc Glass Cutting Line

Some attentions:

Before cutting please check the glass quality. It should be no scratch, no bubbles.

After that cutting the glass edge should be trim, no hackly and no gap.

5. glass edge polishing

1) after cutting the glass, next need to polish the edge of the glass.

we could use some insulating glass machines, such as glass polishing machine, glass grinding machine, and glass beveling machine.

2) If the glass thickness is 4-10mm, the Edge grinding edges width should not less than 0.5mm.

If glass thickness more than 10mm, the edge grinding edges width should not less than 1mm.

3) during grinding, we should keep the glass surface not broken or any scratches.

4) Normally here we use edge polishing machine. This machine is just a roughly polishing.

6. Washing, cleaning and drying

We could use insulating glass production line to finish this job. This glass cleaning machine is part of the production line.

Before this procedure, please check the insulating glass processing line. Make this machine to protect the pollution during cleaning.

If possible please use the recycle cleaning water to clean the glass.

The insulating glass production line can cleaning and drying automatically. After this we must check if the glass cleaning or not. If not clean we must clean it second time until it is cleaning enough.

Below is part of glass washing machine, this glass washer do the glass washing and cleaning.

Insulating Glass Processing Line Washing Part

Below is the picture of glass dryer. We use the triangle wind blade to dry the glass.

Insulating Glass Processing Line Dry Part

7. Aluminum spacer frame making

The thickness of the aluminum spacer bar should not less than 0.3mm.

The hole on the bar surface should average and through.

Do not use broken or the hole not good.

According to the size cut the aluminum spacer bar.

There have two ways to cut the glass spacer bar.

Use the aluminum bar cutter to cut four straight frames. Then use a corner connecter to make them a frame.

The second way is using an automatic aluminum spacer bar bending machine. This way is much better for the performance.

Sometimes if we need to bending different shapes of aluminum frames. We can use a fully automatic aluminum spacer bar bending machine.

The difference between semi and fully automatic types is that the last one can make different shapes.

aluminum spacer bending machine bending sample

8. Desiccant filling

We could use Moxisys desiccant filling machine to fill the desiccant.

And some items should also be noted as below.

  • Firstly, the desiccant must keep in the dry environment.
  • Secondly, during loading desiccant into the aluminum bar, please leave some space for expansion and corner connector. Normally loading 70%.
  • Moreover, after loading the desiccant into aluminum bar, please keep them clean. Avoiding oil and dust.
Automatic Desiccant Filling Machine Head
automatic desiccant filling machine sample

9. Coating Butyl

Use one of the insulating glass machine, the butyl coating machine to coat the butyl on the aluminum spacer bar frame.

The butyl is the first sealing. It concerns many performances for the window and glass. Please noted below.

  • Firstly, the thickness is 0.75mm±05mm for each side.
  • Secondly, the coating thickness, the width should be uniform, continuously, no break and no bubbles.
  • Thirdly, the butyl layup should be gapless.
  • After coating the frame should hung on the aluminum spacer frame transfer machine. Or some other place. But not on the ground.
  • Use them within 45 min.

10. install aluminum spacer bar

Putting aluminum spacer frame on the first glass.

Please make sure the frame in the center of the glass.

At the same time, do not touch the glass.

Put second glass on and press.

If use insulating glass production line, the order is opposite.

The first glass will go in the press section of the machine.

Put spacer frame on the second. Then the second glass go inside of the press section. Then press.

The pressure should not too big or small. If too big the glass will break. If too small the insulating glass not strong enough.

11. Sealing sealant

After make the two piece of glass together. Next step is to sealing the edge of the insulating glass.

Normally we use insulating glass production line to put two pieces of glass together.

After that, we should use one of other insulating glass machine, the two component sealant sealing machines to seal the insulating glass edge.

After that sealing, keep the glass clean and the glue uniform.

And below is the picture of insulating glass sample.

Insulating Glass

12. Inspection and Packing

After sealing the glass, unload the finished insulating glass from the rotary table.

Put the insulating glass in the dry and ventilate place to solidity.

We must note the way we put the glass. It is must vertical. If not the glass shape will be changed.

Do not make the bottom of the glass touch oil, lime, and some other erosion things. This may erosion the sealant and broke the sealing function.

After solidities, we need to inspect the glass.

If it is good then next will be packed and delivery to the customer.

Insulating glass machine conclusion:

Above is all the content for the insulating glass machine guide.

I think now you have a general idea about the insulating glass machine and the whole procedure of how to make insulated glass.

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