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How to start a upvc window factory?

Lots of people ask how to start a uPVC window factory.

So we decide to write an article about it.

From this article you will know more information.

And from here you will know how to start a uPVC window business almost steps by steps.

Let’s start.

Below is the main point for you to know well about how to start your uPVC facotry.

Let’s get started according above points.

1. What is uPVC window?

uPVC Doors and Windows profiles through relative uPVC window door machine cutting, welding or screwing make window door frames.

After that, we equip with sealant strip, wool strip, hardware and so on.

In order to enhance the rigidity of the uPVC profile, some PVC window profiles need to insert the reinforcement steel.

According to this method, This type of window and door we called uPVC windows and doors.

casement window
sliding upvc windows and doors

2. Advantanges of uPVC window

  • Firstly, heat preservation is good. the thermal conductivity is low. And the thermal insulation effect is better. They have good airtightness. In the cold area, although the outdoor temperature is dozens of degrees below zero, the indoor temperature is another world.
  • Secondly, the sound insulation of the uPVC window door is good. Because the structure has been carefully designed, and the joints are tight. The test results show that the sound insulation is 30dB, which meets the relevant standards.
  • Thirdly, the impact resistance of the uPVC window door is good.
  • Good air tightness
  • Good water tightness
  • The fire resistance of the uPVC window door is good.
  • Good anti-theft performance. If we equip with excellent hardware accessories and high-level decorative locks, it will make thieves helpless
If you want to know more about uPVC window and door, please check our article What is uPVC Windows and Doors?

3. How to find a workshop?

This is affected by many factors.

  • How much budget your want to invest?
  • How many windows do you want to make?

Actually based on above the workshop could be small and big.

If you not have much money, and you want start the business. You could use some handtools to make the window in a small shop or your own yard.

If you have some big building project, then you should have a big and standard workshop.

We could supply different solution for different requirement. So feel free contact us get the free consultancy. 

4. How to find the most used uPVC window machine?

There are more that 10 machines as a completely production line for uPVC window making. But among these machines, not all machines are frequently used.

According to our experience, there are 7 machines are frequently used.

1# Double head cutting machine
2# v notch cutting saw
3# glazing bead saw
4# lock hole and copy router
5# water slot machine
6# uPVC window welding machine 
7# corner cleaning machine

For more details, please check our article uPVC Window Making Machine: The Top 7 Frequently Used

If you want start with small uPVC window business, you could check our article uPVC Window Portable Machine: Top 5 Useful Hand Tools (2020)

5. Which type uPVC profiles do we need?

This depend on which type of windows do you want to make.

Normally we make the casement window and sliding window.

For casement window example as bleow, which type uPVC profiles we need?

outward opening with one sash

  • White color
  • Size: 1500 x 1500mm
  • Glass thickness 4.5±0.5mm
  • Reforcement steel not included.
uPVC window making machine - Upvc Window Profiles Casement 1 Sash

Above is the casement profile drawings. If you want to see more drawing, please check 60 series uPVC window profiles 

For sliding window example as bleow, which type uPVC profiles we need?

Upvc Window Drawing Sliding

without fixed up window

  • White color
  • Size: 1500 x 1500mm
  • Glass thickness 4.5±0.5mm
  • Reforcement steel not included.

Above is the sliding profile drawings. If you want to see more drawing, please check 80 series uPVC window profiles 

6. Which type hardware accessories do we need?

Same as uPVC window profiles, different type windows need different type hardware accessories.

Same as above casement window example, we will need below accessories.

uPVC window machine - Upvc Window Hardware Casement 1 Sash

For more hardware accessories, please check uPVC window hardware accessories.

7. How to make uPVC window?

Below is a full manual to make uPVC windows and doors. 12 steps help you make the quality window easily.

uPVC Window Making in 2020: The Definitive Guide

Above is all the content about how to start a uPVC window factory.

And all the content just for your reference, all should be according to the reality.

We also have an article uPVC Window Door Machine: The Definitive Project Proposal (2020). This will also help you know further about how to start uPVC window business.

Moreover, if you have any questions or requirements feel free to let us know. You could chat with us or leave a message below:

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