uPVC Window Making Machine:

The Top 7 Frequently Used

uPVC Window Making Machine is a full name for the machines used to make uPVC windows and doors.

And in some place it also be called vinyl window making machine

There are more than 10 machines as a complete production line for uPVC window-making. 

But among these uPVC window making machines, not all machines are frequently used.

According to our experience, there are 7 uPVC window making machines that are frequently used.

If we want to know what is the Top 7 Frequently Used uPVC Window Making Machine. We should know clearly the procedure of the uPVC window-making.

How should we know that?

Below is a flow chart for the uPVC & vinyl window making machines.

upvc window making machine processing flow chart

Above is a simple processing flow chart of uPVC window manufacturing machines for you.

And this is just for you to understand easily and explain the machines easily.

If you want to know clearly and more details about “how to make uPVC windows and doors”, please check our uPVC window making guide below:

uPVC Window Making: The Definitive Guide

Let’s start to learn what are the top 7 frequently used automatic uPVC window making machines.

1. uPVC windows manufacturing machine - double head saw

Firstly, we should cut the profile according to diffrent requirements. Then we need the uPVC window cutting machine.

Normally we will cut 90 and 45 degrees.

Double head saw have higher efficiency. Because it could cut two sides at the same time.

The double head cutting machine has many different types.

The below picture is just several types for the start business.

We could according to the cutting length, height and automation choose the double head saw. 

2. uPVC window making machine - v cutting saw

If we make some big uPVC windows and doors, we need to make a mullion inside the window.

This will also make the window and door more strong.

Normally we use v notch cutting saw. Please check the below window picture. And the cutting picture.

3. uPVC window machine - Glazing Bead Saw

We use the glazing bead to hold the glasses.

Because it is a very small and no-regular shape. so we need a special saw to cut it.

And this machine is called glazing bead saw.

Below is the glazing bead saw the picture, and right is the after-cutting glazing bead drawing.

4. Vinyl window machine - Lock hole and copy router

We use lock hole and copy router to make the handle holes, and also lock holes which install the relative uPVC window hardware accessories.

Please check our article milling hardware installation slot for more information.

5. Plastic Window Making Machine - water slot machine

The water slot machine is mainly used to make the water slot and balance hole on the profile.

This slot will help to let the water outside.

6. uPVC window machine - uPVC window welding machine

The uPVC window welding machine is used to weld the uPVC profiles. Then make the frame and sash.

We also have an article about profile welding.

Below is the welding machine. We could choose the welding machine according to different requirements.

The first machine is a seamless welding machine. It could weld the frame without a seam tumor.

The two machines in the middle are normal welding machines. It could weld the 90 angles, and also mullion.

The last single head welding machine could weld the angle from 30 to 180 degrees.

We also have a post about the Top 5 uPVC Window Welding Machine

7. china upvc window machine - corner cleaning machine

The other important machine is the corner cleaning machine.

After that welding, there will have some welding tumor on the corner, we need to remove it. Then the corner cleaning machine is needed.

The main function for cleaning the corners.

Firstly, make the window frame and sash together cooperate well.

Secondly, make the window to install accessories easily.

Thirdly, make the window more beautiful and avoid harm to the worker.

We also have an article about corner cleaning. Please check that.

uPVC window making machine summary:

According to the uPVC window processing and our experience, we simply introduce the top 7  frequently used uPVC window making machine.

But at the same time, there are other uPVC window machines that may also need according to our real situation.

If you want to know more about the upvc window machinery for sale, and want to know how to start a uPVC window factory, you will love our below article:

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uPVC Window Making: The Definitive Guide

How to start a uPVC window factory?

Find a right uPVC window machine supplier

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