How to Make uPVC Window

Part 9 Glass Installation

In the uPVC window making process, the glass installation also very important.

This is an article about “how to make uPVC window”. This article will introduce glass installation. From this part, you will also learn how to make uPVC window for glass installation.

1. glazing bead cutting

1) how do we cut the glazing bead?

Glazing bead saw as one of the upvc window making machine, it is mainly used to cut glazing bead.

2) some parameters about glazing bead?

According to the frame and sash glazing groove to cut the glazing bead.

The angle tolerance should within 45°±0.5°

Meanwhile, for a special shaped window and arch window, the glazing bead angle is half of the angle which the adjacent two components. The tolerance ±0.5°.

In order to prevent the collision between the welding nodules and the glazing bead. The glazing bead should also cut a inlay angle. And its length is 3-4 mm. please check below picture.

uPVC window making machine glazing bead

2. Glass cutting

1) Glass category

The glass has float glass, tempered glass, and laminated glass.

The thickness we always use is 3-6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm.

we could also make single glass, double glass, and insulating glass.

According to gas inside the insulating glass, glass classifies normal air type glass and inert gas glass.

According to the structure, the glass classifies double insulating glass and triple insulating glass.

2) Insulating glass fabrication

Insulating Glass
>>> Glass selection

We could also use clear glass, laminate glass, tempered glass, Low-e glass, patterned glass and so on.

Do not suggest use original plate glass.

>>> Some reference parameters
Insulating Glass Parameters
>>> Glass washing
We could use  glass washing machine to wash the glassed. And during washing, some items should be noted as below.
  • Firstly, checking water quality regularly. Change the water and clean filter unit are timely to keep the water clean.
  • Secondly, check the water heater regularly. And please control the washing temperature around 65℃.
  • Moreover, check water sprinkler and the brush regularly. Keep the water stable. The pressure not too big.
>>> Desiccant selection and loading
We could use Moxisys  desiccant filling machine to fill the desiccant.

And some items should also be noted as below.

  • Firstly, the desiccant must keep in the dry environment.
  • Secondly, during loading desiccant into the aluminum bar, please leave some space for expansion and corner connector. Normally loading 70%.
  • Moreover, after loading the desiccant into aluminum bar, please keep them clean. Avoiding oil and dust.
>>> Butyl coating
Use Moxisys  butyl coating machine to coat the butyl on the aluminum spacer bar frame.

The butyl is the first sealing. It concerns many performances for the window and glass. Please noted below.

  • Firstly, the thickness is 0.75mm±05mm for each side.
  • Secondly, the coating thickness, the width should be uniform, continuously, no break and no bubbles.
  • Thirdly, the butyl layup should be gapless.
>>> Two component sealant sealing
Normally we use insulating glass production line to put two pieces glass together. After that, we should use two component  sealant sealing machines to seal the insulating glass edge.

After that sealing, keep the glass clean and the glue uniform.

3) Glass cutting

>>> What machines do we use?
Normally we could use CNC glass cutting line linear glass cutting table, manual tools
>>> Other Attentions

Before cutting please check the glass quality. It should be no scratch, no bubbles.

After that cutting the glass edge should be trim, no hackly and no gap.

Suggest doing some polish. This will prevent the glass broken during manufacture, transportation and usage.

3. Glass installation

  • Firstly, keep environment temperature ≥15℃.
  • Secondly, the glass should not touch the profile directly. We should also use some glass cushion block on the profile glass groove.
Glass Installation
  • Thirdly, when installing the glazing bead, install the short glazing bead first and then the long glazing bead.
    At same time use the rubber hammer knock the glazing bead. Wooden hammer, hard plastic, and metal hammer are prohibited.
  • After that installing glazing bead, the layup space should within 0.3-1mm. and each side should use a completely glazing bead.
  • When using hammer knock the glazing bead, we should start from the ends then middle part.
    The knock direction should keep vertical on the profile which install glazing bead.

4. Glass Cushion block

We must use cushion block between glass and profile.

Cushion block have two types. One is called load-bearing cushion block and position cushion block.

The cushion block should also be antiseptic and not easily deformable.

Different window doors the cushion block quantity and position are also different.

Meanwhile, For sliding window, the cushion block position should at the top of roller.

Below is a picture for your reference.

Under Boarding

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