uPVC Window Making Manual

Part 10 Window Door Quality Inspection

This is an article about uPVC Window Making Manual. This article will introduce window door quality inspection. From this part, you will also learn how to inspect the window door quality. 

As a good uPVC window supplier, we need to check the quality of our  uPVC windows and doors before leave our factory.

1. Profile and accessories inspection - uPVC Window Making Manual​

In this uPVC Window Making Manual, we should inspect the  uPVC profiles and uPVC window accessories to ensure all the material good enough to make windows and doors.

2. Procedure and inspection of the finished product - uPVC Window Making Manual​

1) Procedure inspection

In this uPVC Window Making Manual​, the main procedure includes profile cutting, welding, hardware installation, glass installation. The procedure control affects the window door performance directly. We should also check the first product strictly in every procedure. And sampling according to the ratio.

We should seriously inspect the below items:

  • Firstly, the cutting size, angle, v shape position, in the cutting procedure.
  • Secondly, the welding parameter, intensity, size after welding in the welding procedure.
  • Thirdly, the hardware quantity, position, performance in the hardware installation procedure.
  • Moreover, the cushion block, gap for glazing bead in the glass installation procedure.

2) The finished product inspection

In this uPVC Window Making Manual​, after window door assembling, before leaving the factory, we should take some samples according to different window types and dimensions.

In this uPVC Window Making Manual​, the sample should be more than 3 pieces.

There also have 14 items that need to be inspected before leaving the factory.

  1. Corner welding intensity
  2. Reinforcement steel installation
  3. Hardware installation
  4. Opening and closing strength for lock and handle
  5. Opening and closing strength for the sash
  6. Overall dimension deviation
  7. Diagonal deviation
  8. Nearby component gap
  9. Nearby component flatness
  10. Frame and sash gap
  11. Frame and sash overlap
  12. Sealing strip installation
  13. Glazing bed installation
  14. Window door appearance
Factory Pic uPVC Window Making Manual​

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